I bought my first puppy, a bitch, in 1986  from the “Paka” kennel. I didn’t buy her with any intention of showing her. In dead, I couldn’t imagine myself at a dog show or even breeding a litter. Fortunately, I decided to become a member of the Danish club for German Shepherd Dogs. (There are other possibilities if you wish to educate your German Shepherds here.) We did quite well at their shows making S.G. She also had BHP (SchH 1 equivalent) and was ready for BHP 2 and korung when she was run over by a car. That was my worst experience with dogs, as I was very young and she had been my constant companion. I felt I wanted a new dog immediately. Unfortunately the next bitch didn’t have the same great working capacity so she failed the korung and I sold her. After that I grew more determined. As all the activities with the dogs were becoming more important to me I decided to change my lifestyle. In the Summer of 1990 I was given the opportunity to work with dogs full time. 

I went to work for Mr Gerd Reims, Zwinger von der Kahler Heide where I learnt a lot about training and handling. The education has proved useful ever since.

Since 1990 I have trained and owned many dogs. In 1996 I became the co-breeder with Poul Schmokel of kennel “Paka”. During those years we bred nineteen litters together. In May 2003 I decided to take my own prefix “Team Pakas” and I am looking forward to the future!




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